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Welcome to your journey into the world of eCommerce!

With an apprenticeship at NBB, you will have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, work on exciting projects and optimally prepare yourself for a successful future in the dynamic world of online retail.

Training programs


Commercial area


Specialist(*) for warehouse logistics

The dual training program for warehouse logistics specialists(*) lasts three years. The tasks are varied and are naturally taught during the training. For example, a Warehouse Logistics Specialist(*) accepts goods and merchandise, checks them and stores them properly. Deliveries must be coordinated with suppliers, goods must be picked, packed and dispatched. The handling of modern software systems is as much a part of everyday work as the operation of industrial trucks.

Participation in the optimization of logistical processes, notification under infrastructural and scheduling aspects as well as activities in inventory management are just as much a part of the training as the execution of the annual inventory in the warehouse.

During your training at NBB, you will pass through the following departments in Laatzen & Sarstedt: incoming goods, outgoing goods, inventory management, RMA goods flow & logistics management.

After your apprenticeship you will usually be employed as a specialist(*) for warehouse logistics in goods receipt, shipping or inventory management. If necessary, there is also the possibility of further employment in logistics management.

Warehouse clerk(*)

The training to become a specialist warehouse clerk takes two years. In the course of training you will learn the craft of modern warehouse logistics from scratch. As a specialized warehouse clerk(*) you are a professional in the acceptance and control of goods deliveries as well as efficient and professional storage. Dispatching activities, such as picking the ordered goods for dispatch, processing the outgoing goods and handling the various conveyors are part of everyday work.

After successful completion of your training, you will usually be taken on as a warehouse clerk(*) in goods receiving, shipping or inventory management.

If you don't want to end your training, you can extend your training by one year and take the examination to become a Warehouse Logistics Specialist(*). As a Warehouse Logistics Specialist(*) you will be more involved in the planning and organization of logistics processes.

Management assistant in e-commerce

The training to become an e-commerce merchant takes three years. Selecting the right product range is one of the most important tasks of an e-commerce merchant. It must be carefully considered which products are well received by customers. These products have to be researched, the purchase prices negotiated with the sellers and then, of course, the products uploaded to the online store and set the correct price for the customers. Advertising measures in the online shop have to be analyzed and adjusted on a daily basis. The big advantage of this quite new apprenticeship is clear: as an e-commerce merchant, it is important to get to know all the stages from product selection to shipping the goods. Our trainees should find out what our customers want - starting with product selection, optimal product placement and pricing, targeted sales, customer service, and shipping, including complaints handling.The rotation stations focus on product management and sales. Therefore they are visited repeatedly. Other areas, such as customer service or the store, are visited on a shorter scale.If you complete your training successfully, your entry opportunities at NBB are as varied as the training itself. Product management, sales, marketing or project management - where do you want to go? This decision depends primarily on your interests and strengths, which you were able to identify during your rotation stations.

Management assistant in retail trade

During the 3-year training course, everything is taught what is worth while knowing about the retail trade and purchasing. From the first day of training, your support in day-to-day business is required. The customer is always in your focus of the work. The job of a retail salesperson is to support and advise the customer regarding the selection and purchase of products from the world of IT and consumer electronics. This also includes cashier activities and the optimal presentation of goods. In the course of the training, the management and control of business management processes as well as accounting and invoice-related topics are also covered.If you perform well, you have a good chance of being taken on in one of our stores, e.g. as a cashier or as a specialized salesperson.

Management assistant in office management

The dual training program for office management clerks lasts three years. During the training, both classic organizational tasks and various company-specific tasks are taught. In the so-called optional qualifications, the training is specialized. At NBB, we offer a focus on accounting, logistics and human resources.

If you perform well, you have a good chance of being taken on in our administration department after you have completed your vocational training, e.g. in accounting or logistics management. 

IT specialist(*) for application development

In the three-year training as an IT specialist(*) for application development, the trainees learn programming languages with which they can plan, design and program different programs and applications in order to develop application-oriented and user-friendly user interfaces within our webshop. So it is about the conception, development and maintenance of software of any kind. Furthermore, newly programmed applications are tested before they are made visible to the user.If you successfully complete your training, you can be hired in the IT department.

IT specialist(*) for system integration

During the three-year training program, the IT specialist for system integration learns how IT system landscapes are planned, set up, configured and maintained. In doing so, he/she supports the setup and operation of the IT infrastructure, automates processes, administrates servers and implements complex information and communication technology systems by integrating hardware and software components. In the event of malfunctions, they are on hand with modern diagnostic systems and help users with application problems. The UHD team is mainly dedicated to the administration of Windows operating systems and deals with many internal customer requests concerning the use of company software and hardware, whereas the Berlin OPS team is dedicated to the administration of Linux operating systems and ensures that the individual components of our webshop system interact smoothly with each other and that we can provide a stable website even with high customer traffic.If you successfully complete your training, you can be employed in the IT / UHD area, e.g. as an IT specialist(*) for system integration.


What you can look forward to

Work Life Balance
Work Life Balance
  • Flexible working time models
  • Various part-time models
  • 30 days vacation
  • Special leave schemes 
Mobile Office
Mobile Office
  • Work regularly in the mobile office, if your tasks allow it
  • Up to 4 weeks per year Work & Travel 
Your equipment
Your equipment
  • Modern workplaces
  • Good connections of our offices and stores to public transport
  • Water, coffee and snacks on site 
Discounts & more
Discounts & more
  • Employee discounts for the nbb store
  • "Deutschlandticket" as job ticket
  • JobRad for permanent employees incl. allowance
  • Discounts via corporate benefits
  • Gifts for special occasions 
  • Joint annual summer party 
  • Christmas parties at the locations
  • Team events every six months
  • Digital team dinners 
Better together
Better together
  • Exchange via internal newsletters, mails, intranet and other communication tools
  • Digital coffee dates
  • Participation in charity activities (social commitment)
  • NBB sustainability management
  • elected persons of trust 
  • Fitness cooperations
  • Participation in company runs, e.g. B2Run
  • Preventive checkups
  • Voluntary vaccination campaigns
  • Pension scheme 
Training & Development
Training & Development
  • Regular feedback sessions
  • Education vouchers
  • Internal / external trainings
  • In-house e-learning platform
  • Language courses if required
  • Mentoring program 


How can I apply to NBB?

The best way to apply is via the online application in the respective job advertisement. This has many advantages for you: you save on application costs, the application is completed in just a few clicks and it goes straight to the right contact person - so your application will be processed more quickly. You can also apply by e-mail to

Which documents do I need for the application?

Basically we need your current resume, a cover letter and your certificates.

Why is it interesting to do an apprenticeship at NBB?

We are orange! For our team we are looking for doers and lateral thinkers for whom passion is more important than stability and structure. Not only does the company grow with our trainees, but they can also grow with the company. Training with us means that we prepare our trainees in the best possible way for their future professional field. From day one, they are part of a team and can contribute their ideas and actions.

Are there opportunities for further education during or after the training?

Already during the apprenticeship, our apprentices can expect further education, exam preparation and training on various topics. They rotate through different areas and locations depending on the profession they are training for - and, if they wish, all over Germany to get to know our orange world in the best possible way. In regular feedback meetings with the trainers, we work to ensure that the training we provide for our trainees is successful, so that they remain an integral part of the team afterwards.

What is the working atmosphere like? Are there open-plan offices, lounges, a snack bar etc.?

At our locations, trainees gather different impressions - whether logistics, in a store or open-plan office, downtown or directly at the lake. But one thing you will find everywhere - the relaxed, easygoing and open working atmosphere.

Current apprentice jobs

No suitable job in the list?
You can also apply on your own initiative!

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions regarding the application process or working at We have answered frequently asked questions about applying for a job at for you here! If still in doubt, you are welcome to contact our HR team at any time using our contact form.